corner to corner · crochet · Deer · work in progress

My deer

I can’t help myself today I’m super excited to be getting closer to the end of this blanket!! It’s not intended for anyone specific just something I kept seeing and wanting to try.

My progress…

After day 1 (I started around 10:30pm and gave up pretty quickly😕)

My day 2

Day 3 (got quite a bit done while the kids were at school)

Today is day 4, I was hoping to be much farther along by now but its been an eventful morning (not a good event) and I wasn’t going to work on this but then thought it might help take my mind off things. We shall see if I can get it done today🤞

blanket · corner to corner · crochet · skull · work in progress

What’s been happening 

I feel like I fell into a different world, since we moved to Michigan EVERYTHING is completely different… the schools here and insanely amazing, I overstocked on all the kids school supplies because I’m used to doing that only to find out the school supplies everything so we donated it to each of their classrooms. It’s much nicer here ☺and with the 3 boys in school I’ve got the little girl napping again during the day so I’ve been doing some more projects 

This needs the sleeves finished and pieced together

My first ever attempt at a corner to corner… I probably should have started with something that didn’t have so many color changes in one spot 😑 but after getting that far through it I found a million mistakes I made with it and learned some new things

My second attempt and it’s been much easier,  this is the common deer corner to corner or at least it will be

My very favorite,  I absolutely love the basketweave stitch,  I want a ginourmous one on my bed.  This is for my brothers soon to be little girl!!

That’s all I’m working on right now, I’m giving myself a deadline of the end of October to finish all of these (should be no problem) and I’ve decided to do weekly updates on here 🤓it’s nice having some free time 

That little girl of mine wants to crochet so bad but right now she just plays with a giant knitting needle and a started block, maybe I should start teaching her early

crochet · crochet hat · plaid

Plaid crochet hat

My “neice” this year has decided for Christmas all she wants is plaid shirts so with everyone else in the family doing that I thought I would make her something plaid that I thought she would like.  

I’m actually very surprised it came out so good it only took me 2 hours to do and I’m pretty proud.  Starting a plaid throw for her too. 

This is the back where the seam is.
This pattern was extremely easy to follow and it’s a free pattern from Whistle and Ivy they have a whole mess of plaid!! I fell in love with their patterns.

Bathing suit cover · knit bathing suit cover · knitting

Bathing suit cover

I’ve been looking for a super cute bathing suit cover pattern since before last summer…. still nothing.  I found a video for a easy lace top and fell in love with how it looks. 

I normally crochet, this is the first thing I’ve attempted to knit and instead of doing the shirt I’m going to do it into a bathing suit cover with the bikini top and tire around the neck instead. 
The start of my wonderful project 

crochet · keychain · pokeball · pokemon

Pokeball keychain

So I’ve been out for awhile and was pretty disappointed to find out all my listings had been removed 😦 I’m very shocked I’m back I’ve been that upset about it.  But it’s time to move on. I‘m in a new house,  new state,  and it’s completely different than what I got used to. I had been living in the middle of East Toledo in Ohio and even though we had a big fenced in yard, my kids could not go out and play if i wasn’t out there. Now they have 3 acres of our own yard to play in and over 50 acres of field behind that.  It’s probably the best move I’ve ever made.  

So I figure I would start crocheting again now that I don’t have to be right on top of these kids. 

I chose pokeballs because that’s all I’ve been hearing about and my oldest LOVES them. 

I used a 3.5mm hook. 

Pic 1: ch 6 around a key ring.  Pic 2: 6sc in 1st ch, sl st to first.  Pic 3: 2sc in each st (12sc). Easier once you get to this part.

With red or your top color:

If you want to add the part for a keychain Ch 6, put that through the keychain and so st into the first ch. 6sc into that same 1st ch spot if you did the keychain and sl st for 6 sc in total.

If you don’t do a keychain. Use stitch marker 

  • 6sc in magic circle,  sl st, ch1, T. 
  • 2sc in each st (12sc)
  • *Sc in 1, 2sc* across (18sc)
  • *sc in 2, 2sc* across (24sc)
  • *sc in 3, 2sc* across (30sc)
  • *sc in 4, 2sc* across (36sc)
  • *sc in 5, 2sc* across (42sc)
  • 1 sc in each st for 3 rows (42sc)

With black:

  • 1 sc in each st for 2 rows (42sc)

With white:

  • 1 sc in each st for 3 rows (42sc)
  • *sc in 5, sc2tog* across (36sc)
  • *sc in 4, sc2tog* across (30sc)
  • *sc in 3, sc2tog* across (24sc)
  • *sc in 2, sc2tog* across (18sc)
  • Start stuffing
  • *sc in 1, sc2tog* across (12sc)
  • *sc2tog* across (6sc)
  • Sew end shut and hide tail. 

For middle:

 White: 6sc in magic circle, sl st.  2 sc in each (12sc)

Black: sc in each across.  Sew onto ball where you changed colors so it’s hidden.
– Since I made a pokeball for my “nephew” I had to do something for my “neice” so using the same pattern I came up with this hello kitty.  Just add ears and a bow. The nose and eyes are just 6sc in magic ring.

My larger “pillow”